Haunted History Tour 2009

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August 22, 2009 by foghi

Bob -  Haunted History Tour 2009

Bob – Haunted History Tour 2009

This is Bob.

You may have seen him on a dark night … working at digging holes…..perhaps you hung around a few moments so he could tell you a story or two….. stories that gave you goosebumps. All these stories are true.

The Annual Haunted History tour is back for a 5th season! October 23rd and 24th, 2009.

This year we have a couple new stories to tell.

Come meet some Georgetown ghosts – but beware – this tour is just under two hours – so comfortable shoes are a MUST.

Links to ticket information will be posted shortly. Plan on $10 per person/ children under 9 are free. Please use your discretion when bringing children – creepy stories and bumps in the night may frighten little ones.



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Welcome to the Blog

You have stumbled across the blog for Friends of Georgetown History, a group based out of Seattle, WA dedicated to the preservation of the Georgetown neighborhood. Through research and storytelling, the Friends of Georgetown history have quite a few historical facts to share about the eclectic hood of Georgetown, home to the original Rainier Brewery. Enjoy, share and comment - this is how the stories get told!

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Quick Facts

Georgetown was incorporated as a city in Washington State on January 8, 1904. It was annexed to the city of Seattle on March 29, 1910.


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